Helping Others

Caryn and Moti Deri, owners of JMC Hairwear & Wig Salon, support several programs that help people suffering from medical hair loss.

Look Good … Feel Better is a free national public service program founded in 1989 to help women offset appearance-related changes from cancer treatment. It is supported by volunteers, corporate sponsors and private donors. Over the past several years, Caryn and Moti have donated over 5,000 wigs to the Look Good … Feel Better program — 2,000 of them in the last year alone.

Caryn also volunteers at the Group Program every month at North Broward Hospital in Pompano Beach, where she helps patients select a free recycled wig and then cuts and styles it for them on the spot. They also receive a bag of makeup, which is donated by major cosmetic companies. A makeup artist shows patients how to use the makeup and offers many other helpful tips for maintaining a workable beauty regimen during cancer treatment.

The participants are also given a free turban and/or hat. Using models from the audience, they are taught how to make turbans out of an old t-shirt as well. It is a very uplifting environment and everyone enjoys it. The volunteers love it just as much as the patients do.

Take a moment to explore the Look Good … Feel Better website, which features step-by-step skin care and makeup routines designed for female cancer patients, tutorials on hair loss, hair care, wig styling and wig care, before and after photos and comments from Look Good … Feel Better program participants, and much more.

If you would like to donate a used or unwanted wig to this outstanding program, please wash it first. You can then bring the wig to the program yourself and get a tax receipt, or just stop by our salon and we will donate it for you. It is a great feeling to help others in need — you will be on a natural high for days!

Children With Hairloss is a non-profit organization that provides free hair replacement to children suffering from any form of medically-related hair loss. Causes include chemotherapy, radiation, burns, accidents, scarring, alopecia, trichotillomania (compulsive hair pulling), and hypomelanosis of Ito.

The financial impact on a family with an ill child can become quite challenging as medical bills mount up. Often, one parent must stop working in order to care for the child and accompany him or her to the doctor’s office or hospital, dramatically reducing household income. Even if the child has medical insurance, many out-of-pocket costs remain, and most insurance companies do not cover wigs (also known as cranial prostheses). This is where Children With Hairloss steps in to offer assistance.

Children participating in the program receive a free wig, wig care kit, hat with attachable hair and complimentary styling services. The goal of Children With Hairloss is to assist as many children as possible, changing their lives by improving their outlook and empowering them to face the world with renewed confidence and self-esteem.

Visit the Children With Hairloss website to find out how you can help cover heads and heal young hearts.